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6 Incredible Trees Found In Manchester City Centre

When walking through Manchester city centre, it is hard not to notice the countless shops, busy streets and a coffee shop every few 100 yards, but have you ever stopped to look at the greenery and the history attached to certain trees?

It may come a surprise to learn that there’s a tree named after Manchester and that it is also the most endangered native tree in Great Britain!

Read on to learn more about the trees hiding in this beautiful city centre…

  1. Manchester Poplar

You will find this tree in St Johns Garden where in 1914 it was planted to avoid the area from becoming an “eyesore.” Not only is this one of the few trees that is able to survive in a heavily polluted area, it is also Britain’s most endangered native tree!

  1. Willows

As early as 400BC, chewing on willow bark became a source of medicine in treating fever and inflammation. You will find a group of willows next to Bridgewater Basin, in their natural waterside environment.

  1. River Birch

Placed in the Hanging Ditch, this large tree has the capability to grow to 25m tall. Mostly known for its fantastic appearance, even Prince Maximilian of Austria stated it to be one of the most beautiful trees he has ever seen.

  1. Redwoods

The earliest redwood trees first made an appearance on Earth shortly after dinosaurs and long before humans, meaning they have been around, approximately 240million years. You will find these impressive trees in UMIST, Sackville Street.

  1. London Plane

This tree has the capability to remove 21.8kg of black carbon and diesel matter from the air every day! Found on Mount Street, this large street tree will be hard to miss!

  1. Indian Bean Tree

Even though this tree is known to grow best in sunlight with moist soil, it has turned out to be extremely adaptable and flourishes everywhere it has been planted. Found on Brazenose Street, this tree is not only attractive, it is the only source of food for the Catalpa sphinx moth.


Next time you are in Manchester, take a break from the city centre rush and keep a look out for these trees!