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Make Sure Your Firewood Supplies Aren’t the Pits

firewood supplies

It’s easy to think firewood supplies are only for the winter months, but that is definitely not the case, and in fact the summertime is when more people are likely to light their fire pits and log burners to add a little extra light or warmth to those long late evenings in the garden. Just… Read more »

Tree Surgeons Keep You From Going Out on a Limb

Commercial tree surgeon

Trees and shrubs are living, growing organisms, and it is this sense of life and vitality that is welcome in commercial areas, retail parks and industrial estates. But their ever-changing size and shape can lead to challenges too, especially if a low limb starts to encroach over the pavement or road, or if storm damage… Read more »

Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance Through The Seasons

At Sunnybank Forestry we’re proud of our long-term relationships with many of our clients, but we also understand why you might think tree pruning and hedge trimming are very seasonal – and this wouldn’t be completely incorrect. But we provide services all year round, and while the specific tasks we carry out might vary –… Read more »

Tree Surgeons Help Keep the Lights On

Keeping the mains electricity supply flowing safely to homes across the north-west is no mean feat, and tree surgeons have a part to play in achieving just that. Local utilities provider Electricity North West is celebrating its fifth anniversary of operation, and in an interview with Manchester Evening News, chief executive Steve Johnson explained that… Read more »

Tree Removal Helps Sale Resident Get Back to Normal

When we talk about tree removal, we are usually referring to the location of the tree, rather than its species. But one Sale resident was left in need of tree removal in every sense of the word, after a massive Manchester black poplar fell on to her entire garden. The Messenger reports Louise Goss arrived… Read more »

Tree Surgeons can Help with Storm Damage

After parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire were hit by arguably the storm of the century so far, tree surgeons will be on hand to help tackle any fallen trees or limbs, or to assess damage to any trees that are still standing but are in need of attention. The heat wave reached a dramatic… Read more »

When is the Best Time for Hedge Trimming?

With the summer months officially upon us, you might be turning your mind to hedge trimming – but when is the best time to trim a hedge? There are a few things to keep in mind, to help you make sure your hedge trimming is carried out at the perfect time to help your hedge… Read more »

Tree Surgeons may Have Saved Chorlton Couple’s Distress

Tree surgeons are always available to inspect ageing trees, and to safely fell any that are in danger of simply blowing over in the next strong wind. And that’s just what happened to one couple in Chorlton, when a 14-metre sycamore fell on Derwent Avenue, coming to rest leaning against their front door. The pair… Read more »

Enquire Now About Firewood Supplies

With summer on its way, you might not be too worried about your firewood supplies, but it’s worth putting some thought in now so you have plenty of logs when the end of the season arrives. At Sunnybank Forestry, we aim to have plenty of logs for sale when Manchester’s weather turns – as it… Read more »