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A Summer Of Forestry, Hedge Trimming and Snow Clearing?

The start of June marks the official beginning of meteorological summertime, and the Met Office’s seasonal trivia reveals why hedge trimming and forestry will be keeping tree surgeons busy – and why snow clearing isn’t actually out of the question either. Forestry is likely to be the main occupation for tree surgeons this month and… Read more »

Perfect 10s for Our Tree Felling in Manchester & Sale

We’re rightfully proud of our Checkatrade page, which gives you an overall rating of how satisfied our past customers have been with our tree felling in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Our scores on each individual category are consistently well over nine out of ten, but of course we strive for perfection wherever possible. So… Read more »

Estonia Wins ‘Eurovision of Trees’

While this weekend will see music-lovers throughout Europe tune in for the Eurovision Song Contest grand final, a few weeks ago it was an event dubbed the ‘Eurovision of Trees’ that had tree surgeons captivated. Just like Eurovision, the European Tree of the Year contest attracted entries from across the continent, including Spain, France, Italy,… Read more »

School Grounds Maintenance can Help Create Learning Opportunities

It is often preferable to carry out school grounds maintenance during the holidays, to prevent disruption to the school’s use of playing fields for instance, or to reduce any possible safety risks to passers-by. But there are good reasons to carry out school grounds maintenance during term time too, and these can in some cases… Read more »

Tree Surgeons Prepare for Manchester’s Unsettled Weekend

Strong winds – especially gusty ones – always catch people off guard, but with the help of our tree surgeons, households can be prepared for the coming days and weeks. It’s a particularly risky time, as the Met Office have announced April was the sunniest on record, breaking the previous record set in 1942. May… Read more »

Hedge Trimming will get Trafford Centre Tramming

More careful tree felling, hedge trimming and general site clearance is likely to be needed at Manchester’s Trafford Centre, following the news that the city council has approved £300 million in spending on extensions to the Metrolink tram service. A new junction at Pomona will see trams run along the south side of Salford Quays,… Read more »

Move Quickly on Snow Clearing

Manchester made BBC Breaking News headlines this week with the temporary suspension of flights from Manchester Airport amid a flurry of wintry weather – signalling that the city and its surroundings are finally in need of snow clearing services. We have been watching the forecasts carefully since before Christmas, but until now the north-west has… Read more »

How Tree Surgeons can Help Protect School Crossings

In the current period of austerity, councils are being asked to make extensive savings – and Manchester is no different. During a meeting on December 16th, Manchester City Council’s Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee discussed the possible ways to save a quarter of a million pounds on school crossing patrols. The widespread cutbacks would… Read more »

Tree Surgeons May have Final say on Golden Lion Site

The long-demolished Golden Lion on Wilmslow Road in Withington may become a temporary car park for the Christie Hospital – and tree surgeons may determine the fate of the existing mature trees on the site. It is several years since the Golden Lion was knocked down, but little has been done behind the hoardings that… Read more »

Marking Pitches as Part of School Grounds Maintenance

We appreciate that school grounds maintenance is about more than just hedge trimming and tree removal – and winter PE schedules often see football and rugby pitches come under heavier use. If a combination of heavy use and soggy weather has turned your pitch markings into a muddy quagmire, we can help put the lines… Read more »

Why Softwood Makes sense for Firewood Supplies

As the winter months pass, firewood supplies inevitably come under pressure – especially if we see another season of heavy snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures. If you’re looking not only for reliable firewood supplies, but also for the best value for money, it’s worth giving fresh thought to softwood. Many people think hardwood is the only… Read more »

Life’s a Beech for our Tree Surgeons in Urmston

Sunnybank’s tree surgeons left an Urmston customer very satisfied recently after carrying out some careful work on an overgrown beech tree. The tree is located in a corner of the customer’s garden, making it important to keep its growth under control to avoid overhanging neighbouring plots. We were delighted to send our tree surgeons round… Read more »