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Sunnybank Forestry Tree Removal keeps Manchester’s Motorists Safe

One of our most frequent reasons for a callout is to carry out the tree removal landowners need in order to keep nearby roads safe. Last week we told you about how our hedge trimming services helped to clear the space for a new bus lane near the Trafford Centre. This time we’re on Woodhouse… Read more »

Construction site clearance keeps Trafford Centre bus lane on course

We were delighted to be called in to assist James Cooney Civil Engineers by undertaking construction site clearance ahead of the completion of a new bus lane at the Trafford Centre.

One of Greater Manchester’s best-known landmarks, the Trafford Centre brings in shoppers from miles around, and of course that poses some problems of its own.

What Tree Surgeons can Learn From Boscastle

Ten years on from the severe floods that hit the village of Boscastle, tree surgeons are able to learn lessons from the events of 2004 and apply them in the present day. One of the major disruptions caused to the local community was due to the number of fallen trees and branches swept along by… Read more »

Time to think about firewood supplies

The middle of August might seem a little early to start thinking about firewood supplies, but in an industry like sustainable forestry, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure enough timber is available for whatever the winter brings.

With that in mind, even though we have only just basked in a heat wave (and a hurricane), the forestry sector is gearing up for a major industry event due to take place next month in Northumberland.

Sunnybank on hand for lime tree felling in Urmston

When a long-standing customer called Sunnybank Forestry to enquire about lime tree felling in Urmston, we were quick to get on the case, and were able to safely bring down the tree without putting pedestrians at any unnecessary risk on the nearby road.

It’s always a challenge working in a residential area, particularly when the tree that needs to be felled is positioned close to the edge of the owner’s property – and therefore close to nearby neighbours, pavements or public roads.

NI forestry services begin tree felling in Belvoir Forest

The forestry services in Northern Ireland have commenced a large-scale tree felling operation in Belvoir Forest in order to hopefully halt the spread of a fungal threat through the larch population.

Collaboration between the Forest Service and the NI Environment Agency aims to prevent the fungus from infecting any more larches – particularly the oldest ‘veteran’ trees – but it comes at a cost.

North West Youngsters Gain Insight Into Becoming Tree Surgeons

The next generation of tree surgeons may have been inspired at an event held in the neighbouring north-west city of Liverpool in June. A report from the Department of Work and Pensions praises the success of the Skills Show Experience, which was held at Aintree across June 17th and 18th, and attracted 5,000 young people… Read more »

Tree Surgeons Look North of Border for Lappet Moth Findings

The pine tree lappet moth is causing concern north of the border in Scotland, and tree surgeons will be watching with interest too to see how the current situation develops. Scotland’s pine trees already face several threats, but despite causing widespread damage in Europe, the lappet moth was only discovered in the UK within the… Read more »

How school grounds maintenance can improve attention spans

It is easy to think of school grounds maintenance as a purely practical task – regular hedge trimming keeps pavements accessible for instance, while occasional tree felling can remove old trees that have become a health hazard.

But research suggests it may be wise to think of school grounds maintenance as more of a landscape gardening discipline, as a tarmac playground is not necessarily the most conducive environment to learning.

Qualified Tree Surgeons can Avoid Railway Incidents

Our tree surgeons are highly trained and experienced – and that expertise can be important when working alongside the city’s many railway lines. They are just one of the problems tree surgeons sometimes need to contend with, but properly performed tree felling does not have to pose a risk to passing trains – unlike a… Read more »

Why Tree Removal Could Help the City’s Green Spaces

It seems counter-intuitive to suggest that tree removal could actually be beneficial to the long-term sustainability of the city’s open spaces, but research conducted at the University of Southampton seems to suggest that could be the case. The reason for this is that some tree species – notably Douglas fir and sycamore maple – release… Read more »

Tree felling forms part of flood protection in Bath

Tree felling is part of planned improvements to Bath’s flood defences, as part of a £5 million project that promises to “reconnect” the River Avon with the heart of the community.

Clearly nobody would want to reconnect to a knee-deep extent, and as such some carefully planned preparations are being undertaken.

Among the work is the widening of the lower tow path level up to 15m between Churchill Bridge and Green Park, so that floodwater can move more quickly through the area.