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Hedge trimming can restore order after winter damage

Hedge trimming services help to keep regular growth in check, but are also a worthwhile one-off investment if your hedge has been damaged by the recent severe weather.

The strong winds seen during the winter of early 2014 have left hedges and fences damaged nationwide, with reports of a black market springing up for wooden fence panels due to a national shortage of supply.

Tree felling may be required to stop Chalara threat to ash trees

Landowners with mature ash trees on their property may want to consider tree felling as a means of controlling the spread of Chalara, which has passed into the wider environment in counties in the south-east already.

In the north-west, Chalara has been detected only in recently planted trees; however, that makes it even more important to take swift action in any incident where it is found to have spread to a mature tree.