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When is the Best Time for Hedge Trimming?

With the summer months officially upon us, you might be turning your mind to hedge trimming – but when is the best time to trim a hedge?

There are a few things to keep in mind, to help you make sure your hedge trimming is carried out at the perfect time to help your hedge flourish in the months ahead.

For instance, the RHS says the more formal your hedge is, the more often it will need trimming – a very informal hedge might only need one trim per year, just to keep it in check.

A formal box hedge with very straight edges, on the other hand, may need three or more trims to keep it looking at its best.

Between the start of March and the end of July, there is also the possibility of discovering a bird’s nest in your hedge, so it’s important to check before starting any work, as it is illegal to disturb or destroy a nest in use.

Finally, your type of hedge matters too; established hedges should be trimmed in summer, but new (up to two years) evergreens need attention in the spring, and new deciduous hedges should be trimmed in the winter months.