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Construction site clearance keeps Trafford Centre bus lane on course

We were delighted to be called in to assist James Cooney Civil Engineers by undertaking construction site clearance ahead of the completion of a new bus lane at the Trafford Centre.

One of Greater Manchester’s best-known landmarks, the Trafford Centre brings in shoppers from miles around, and of course that poses some problems of its own.

In particular, those arriving by bus to the shopping mall’s transport interchange face the risk of getting caught in amongst the car traffic.

The solution to this is to put more designated bus lanes in place – but with space at a premium, finding somewhere to put additional lanes isn’t always easy.

In order to overcome this hurdle, Sunnybank were called in to work on construction site clearance where the new bus lane was planned.

This meant some careful tree felling and hedge trimming, to take the surrounding foliage back far enough to accommodate the new lane.

It was a pleasure to be involved with working on such a landmark, and to see our team clearing the necessary space against the stunning backdrop of the Trafford Centre itself.