Coronavirus Update - Sunnybank Forestry Ltd.

Services Available During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus – Sunnybank Forestry Services During COVID-19 


During the ongoing Coronavirus crisis in the UK, while Sunnybank Forestry are still able to offer our full range of services during lockdown, although the way that we operate for the sake of health and safety may differ.

Why are Sunnybank Forestry able to operate fully during the lockdown? 


Due to the nature of our work, none of our services require us to have any human contact with clients while we perform tasks, nor do any of our services require us to enter any sort of building.

The safety of both our crew and the general public is absolutely paramount during these times. Luckily we only work using tractors in large open spaces, allowing us to adhere to the current government guidelines and maintaining the social distancing protocols to stay safe.

The following services will continue to be available during lockdown:

Am I still able to contact Sunnybank Forestry to book a job and gain advice?


Of course. Sunnybank Forestry is always available to provide advice for those in need of the services we require. If you have any questions or need one or more of the above services during the lockdown, feel free to contact us using our web form, or simply call us on 0161 748 0211.

The SBF Team.