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Demand Grows for Tree Surgeons on Stockport Street

Residents are calling on the council to draft in extra tree surgeons in Stockport, after maintenance work put back from the summer has now been delayed again due to budget constraints.

The trees on Nangreave Road in Heaviley are plane trees – Platanus, to use their Latin name – and have barbed leaves that can cause breathing difficulties.

As such, the council waits until the deciduous trees shed their leaves in the autumn before beginning pruning work.

This means it takes three years to reach from one end of the street to the other – and the trees are growing faster than they can be pruned.

During the summer, the pruning work was postponed as usual due to concerns about the ‘poisonous’ leaves.

But the Manchester Evening News now reports that the council have spent their budget without leaving enough to find local tree surgeons in Stockport to catch up on the maintenance work.

Council leader Sue Derbyshire told the newspaper: “The trees are growing faster than the council can get round them.”

Resident Douglas Manley added: “The maintenance is not sufficient … the barbs on the leaves sound like an excuse.”

The issue highlights the importance of properly planning maintenance – and tree surgeons are quite capable of carrying out work on plane trees in the winter if the barbed leaves are a concern, to prevent the roots and branches from becoming overgrown by the time the new growth of spring arrives.