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Enquire Now About Firewood Supplies

With summer on its way, you might not be too worried about your firewood supplies, but it’s worth putting some thought in now so you have plenty of logs when the end of the season arrives.

At Sunnybank Forestry, we aim to have plenty of logs for sale when Manchester’s weather turns – as it famously and frequently does.

But it’s not an overnight process, by any means, as we collect the wood from our everyday operations and process it ourselves.

That means running it through our 20-tonne hydraulic log splitter or our firewood processor, and then storing it for anywhere between nine months and a year.

For our customers, that means the firewood supplies you set alight this winter may have been seasoning in our stores since at least the winter before.

As always, we do our best to have as many logs for sale as Manchester’s homes and businesses need, but with such a lead-in time to replenish our stocks, it’s always useful to get orders in advance for the coming winter, and it puts you ahead of the crowd too.