• What happens to our waste?

    Our Sustainable Policy

    Sunnybank Forestry works hard to make sure that as much of our waste as possible is recycled. We hold a Waste Carriers License CBDL31226 which enables us to legally transport our timber and wood chip from site back to our yard to be dealt with.

    Large timber and Arb Waste

    Large timber or trunks that are not suitable for firewood processing are sent to AW Jenkinsons to be processed through their whole tree biomass chippers after use at Biomass Power Stations.


    Wood chip produced by our wood chippers are stock piled at our yard. This wood chip goes to several different destinations including local parks and allotments. The majority of our woodchip is sent to Jenkinsons by artic to be used at Biomass Power Stations.

  • Is My Tree Protected – TPO or Conservation?

    TPO (Tree Preservation Order)

    Your tree may be covered by a Tree Preservation order or TPO. You must gain written permission from your local authority to work on any tree covered by a TPO. From their schedule they can tell you if your tree is protected or not. If you comission Sunnybank to carry out the work to your tree we are able to complete the relevant forms for you. Specific information is required and it is important to give the correct information first time to avoid any delays. It commonly takes 6-8 days weeks from the time of submission to receiving the work authority back, they don’ like to be rushed.


    In such an area trees are often given similar protection to a TPO. As with a TPO permission needs to be gained from your local authority before any work is started. We are here to help so please call ….. and we will be happy to assist.