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Hedge trimming can restore order after winter damage

Hedge trimming services help to keep regular growth in check, but are also a worthwhile one-off investment if your hedge has been damaged by the recent severe weather.

The strong winds seen during the winter of early 2014 have left hedges and fences damaged nationwide, with reports of a black market springing up for wooden fence panels due to a national shortage of supply.

If you have a hedge, all you need to do is wait for it to grow back, and fill in any gaps caused by strong winds blowing branches out of position or breaking them entirely.

However, hedge trimming can be a useful way to tidy up those ragged edges, as well as to ensure any broken branches are cut back and do not pose a health risk to the hedge itself by allowing infection in.

You may also need to trim your hedge as part of school grounds maintenance, or on other public property, so broken branches are not left as sharp points.

While hedge trimming may already be a part of your regular school grounds maintenance, scheduling a one-off visit to double-check any recent storm damage could be a crucial safety measure, particularly if the improving weather means pupils are being given greater access to playing fields and other outdoor areas.