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Hedge Trimming Keeps Conifer Under Control in Wythenshawe

A recent hedge trimming job in Wythenshawe helped give the perfect indication of when a love of greenery needs to be offset by harsh realities.

Our customer called us in for help when a conifer hedge became a little too bushy, encroaching into the garden and cutting down the available space.

It’s an ideal example of how the best intentions – a natural hedge rather than a less appealing wall or fence – can actually lead to a few problems further down the line.

But with our hedge trimming service, those problems don’t have to be big ones at all, and we were quickly able to prune back the conifers, freeing up the garden space.

It will actually be good for the conifers too, making sure the growth at the heart of the plant gets enough sunlight to stay healthy.

Regular pruning is a must if any hedge is to be kept under control, and with our domestic and school grounds maintenance contracts we can come around when necessary to lop off the excessive growth.

This allows your hedge to remain healthy – not only keeping it pleasing to the eye, but also making sure the growth at the heart of the plant is thick and strong, so the hedge remains secure against any would-be intruders.