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Hedge Trimming will get Trafford Centre Tramming

More careful tree felling, hedge trimming and general site clearance is likely to be needed at Manchester’s Trafford Centre, following the news that the city council has approved £300 million in spending on extensions to the Metrolink tram service.

A new junction at Pomona will see trams run along the south side of Salford Quays, along a new rail spur reaching as far as the Trafford Centre.

Importantly, Transport for Greater Manchester’s artist’s impression ‘fly through’ of the new line shows planting alongside the tracks will be retained where possible.

For example, at the Trafford Centre itself – where we recently carried out careful hedge trimming and tree felling work to make space for a bus lane – several mature trees are shown close to the planned tram stop.

Elsewhere along the route, there’s plenty more planting, with a good number of trees at the planned Parkway stop.

Any major development is bound to raise concerns about environmental impact – but by preserving mature trees in good condition wherever possible, Manchester can continue to evolve without losing its greenery.