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How Do I Tell If My Tree Is Healthy?

We all know how important trees are to the environment and in our gardens trees help to create a beautiful backdrop to the other plants as they change through the seasons. With mature trees, it is easy to take for granted that they will always be there, but how do we know if they are getting the things they require to keep them healthy.

There are a number of things that might indicate whether a tree is healthy or not.

The 5 signs of a healthy tree:-

No Bare Patches

Bare patches, particularly on evergreens can indicate that the tree is not as healthy as it could be – keep a check on the tree and if the bald patch persists take action. Bare patches could be caused by poor pruning, nutrients and water not reaching the leaves, animals eating the leaves or pesticide damage

Healthy Growth

A healthy tree will grow steadily. Each type of tree has its own growth rate, so check your trees are following the normal growth rate for that particular type of tree.

No Wilting

Wilting is an obvious sign that a tree is not receiving all the things it requires to stay healthy. Wilting can be caused by too much or too little sun, lack of water or over watering, disease, or too much fertiliser

Healthy Leaves

A healthy tree has healthy, strong leaf formation. Irregular shaped or yellow leaves are a sign of an unhealthy tree

Strong Branches

Dead and broken branches allow diseases and insects to get into the tree and kill it. Prune away any broken branches as soon as you spot them.

Assessing your tree takes little time and can be the make or break of your garden! If you are having doubts on your assessment, or seek a qualified opinion, get in touch with the tree surgeon experts at Sunnybank Forestry.