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Is It Time To Spring-Clean Your School Grounds?

It’s traditional to deep-clean your home in the spring but it’s also a great time for schools to get on top of grounds maintenance after the winter and prepare for the term ahead.

Most school grounds typically include a car park, playground and garden around the main school building/s, and some may have sports facilities (such as a football pitch) too – that’s a lot of space to look after!

With hundreds of children and staff around, it’s important to make sure that all areas of your school grounds are clean and safe – and that they look presentable to visitors (such as new parents or Ofsted inspectors) in order to give a good first impression of the school.

Have you considered what needs to be done to make sure your school grounds are clean, safe and presentable this spring?

Grounds maintenance tasks to spring-clean your school

After the winter, you might find your school grounds need some attention. Perhaps the cold, wet and windy weather has left you with fallen leaves clogging up your drains, road salt covering your car park and pathways, debris which has blown onto the playground or broken fences which have succumbed to the wind.

School grounds maintenance typically includes:

    • sweeping away debris (e.g. leaves and dirt) from the playground, car park and paths.
    • mowing grass, trimming hedges and watering and fertilising plants
    • collecting rubbish, emptying bins and removing waste
    • cleaning drains to remove any blockages and restore flow
    • making general repairs to paving, flagging and fences, plus any outdoor furniture/equipment (e.g. benches and play areas).


You also need to have tree reports done to identify any potential hazards (e.g. fungus or split branches) and ways to address any risks.

And if your school has sports facilities like a football pitch, there’s extra work such as line marking and turf maintenance to take care of.

Have you considered hiring a grounds maintenance company?

Grounds maintenance is a time-consuming job which requires regular, intensive work and significant investment in specialist equipment (plus training in how to use it and storage space to keep it in).

If your school budget doesn’t stretch to a full-time groundskeeper, it’s tempting to add grounds maintenance to the caretaker’s regular duties but this can leave them feeling stretched and having to cut corners in order to get everything done.

Outsourcing your school grounds maintenance to a professional company can be a cost-effective way to ease pressure on your resources, so you can focus on what’s most important – running the school.

      • Professional service with specialist equipment to ensure high standards.
      • Monthly retainer means grounds maintenance is always covered.
      •  Save money and space on buying and storing equipment.

SBF Services is a respected name in school grounds and sports field maintenance. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote or to arrange a site visit.