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Is your school pitch World Cup worthy? Top tips to maintain a football pitch in the Summer

Is your school pitch World Cup worthy? Top tips to maintain a football pitch in the Summer

This summer, many will be looking forward to the World Cup as the world’s greatest football teams compete in a thrilling four-week tournament. Kids up and down the country will also be wanting to emulate their sporting heroes as they take to the pitch.

You will find your school pitch suddenly very busy this summer, so we’ve outlined some top tips for you to maintain that tournament worthy football pitch.

Football pitch maintenance

Summer can have an adverse effect on the ground, and the heat of the sun combined with the lower rainfall can present issues with maintaining that perfect match-ready ground.

Control those weeds

The last thing you want is for your healthy grass to be overtaken by out of control weeds. That is why it is key to use herbicides to maintain control and to consult with an expert before applying.

Good mowing means a good pitch

Having maintained your pitch throughout the winter and spring months, it is just as important to continue this in the summer. When mowing in the summer months it is ideal to ensure that you mow your grass to around 1-2 inches.

A little light rolling and spiking

In combination with the mower, a light roller will help you maintain a nice even level on the grass. In June it’s recommended to spike the ground in order to ensure that water can still get into the roots and to prevent any potential of a disease outbreak.


Fertilising is vitally important. In July, applying a fertiliser can maintain the health of the grass and give it a vibrant colour. If your pitch isn’t used all of the time, using a slow release fertiliser could last you the whole summer.

There are different types of fertiliser available, from liquid to bio-stimulants, so it’s prudent to test the soil type before choosing your fertiliser.

Making the right choice

All pitches are different, which means that your pitch may require a different type of maintenance. Verti-draining, rolling and brushing are just some of the options available to you, but it is absolutely key you choose the right operation. It’s recommended you bring in the expertise of a pitch care specialist if you are unsure of the right options.

The end of the summer and the work continues

Once the World Cup is over, August is where the important work continues, and with September and Autumn just around the corner, you need to maintain high standards. In particular, making sure you continue the regular mowing and that the air continues to flow through the grass – continued spiking will help with this.

If there is a particularly dry spell, the choice of fertiliser is all-important, as a fertiliser could cause damage if there isn’t enough water, so an alternative like seaweed or amino bio-stimulants could be a better option.

As always, if there are any areas you are unsure about, it’s best to ask for some expert advice so that you can ensure that your pitch provides plenty of enjoyment for those that use it! Contact the team at Sunny Bank Forestry today for more football pitch maintenance tips this summer.