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Large Tree Removal in Urmston

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London Plane Tree, Dismantled, Removed and Recycled, In Urmston

We’ve all had that tree in the garden that “blocks out all the light”, or next doors garden, which is even more annoying, especially in the height of summer.

We’ve all been through the thought process of “do I cut it down? it’s a lovely tree, but it’s in the way” then there’s the impact on mother nature, removing trees is bad, right? Not if it’s done right!

We received a call from a customer in a domestic property, looking to have a large tree removed from their garden, usually a straight forward job, or so you’d think. This was a BIG TREE, this tree was a London Plane or better known to us as a Platanus

These trees grow to between 20-30 meters in height and bear many similarities to the American Sycamore. Some have been known to have a trunk width of over 4 meters wide. Luckily this commonly found, UK species was a little narrower than that, but only just.

The Job

This job required a four man team and two days hard work. We used qualified climbers, chainsaws and a chipping machine, not to mention tons of elbow grease.

With a tree this size you can’t just hack the trunk and cry “Timber”. Firstly we climbed the tree to start trimming it back and make it easier to remove completely. Then we set about cutting the trunk into sections, making it easier to remove. We use our chipper to get most of the branches into wood chip, we must then take the remaining stumps away to be recycled into quality firewood.

Recycling Tree Waste into Quality Firewood and Biomass Fuel

Once this tree and in fact any tree is safely felled and removed, we then have the job of managing the tree waste and safely disposing of it.

The wood chip is gathered up and taken to be used in a biomass plant for renewable energy (mother nature smiles)

On this job specifically, we used the large stumps to recycle into premium firewood, which is left at our storage yard to properly dry out.

If you have any concerns about large trees on either domestic or commercial grounds then we can not only safely remove them, but we can do our bit for the environment at the same time, by disposing of them in an ethical manner.

We’d love to hear from you and hope you enjoyed our latest case study.

Andy Hampson – Owner

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