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Make Sure You, Your Home and Your Garden Is Ready for Autumn

Autumn Is Coming…

We have all seen in the news lately how strong winds and extreme weather conditions occur during this time of the year. Even though extreme weather conditions are out of our control, here are a few things to consider…

Tree Removal

If a tree is dying, diseased or dead, removal is key. When a tree is showing these signs of decline, then it will become a hazard to the public while causing damage to properties close by.

An experienced tree surgeon will be able to determine whether the tree is fit enough to stay put or needs removing carefully.

Dangerous Tree Removal

If a tree has fallen over without any warning, it will most likely be in a dangerous, precarious or threatening position that could potentially endanger the public. If this is the case, you need to act fast and call Sunnybank Forestry ASAP to remove the tree and prevent the worst from happening.

Firewood Supplies

Firewood is a purchase that many leave until the last minute. Whether the use is for your fire pit, log burners or to create a bonfire, having timber on hand for when you need it will come in handy. One thing you need to consider, is purchasing high quality firewood – this allows your timber to have a clean and easy burn without any dangerous fumes and risking your fire crackling.

Snow Clearing and Gritting

Clearing the snow around your home and gritting is important in order to prevent an injury occurring. It is also a necessity for schools, retail, industrial sites etc. to ensure there is a clear and slip free pathway to the building.


Sunnybank Forestry are tree experts and are not only able to diagnose whether trees are fit enough to stay put, but they are able to remove them if needs be.

Have a look through all the different services offered by Sunnybank Forestry and give yourself peace of mind that you and your home are ready to tackle the changes in weather.