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Make Sure Your Firewood Supplies Aren't the Pits

firewood supplies

It’s easy to think firewood supplies are only for the winter months, but that is definitely not the case, and in fact the summertime is when more people are likely to light their fire pits and log burners to add a little extra light or warmth to those long late evenings in the garden.

Just like with your winter fires, you need to make sure you are using high quality firewood supplies if you want your logs to burn cleanly and easily – most commercially available timber runs the risk of containing preservatives or surface treatments, and these can produce dangerous fumes, as well as raise the risk of your fire crackling, popping and spitting hot embers out.

At Sunnybank we save suitable timber from our forestry, tree felling and pruning work, and store it on our own premises for up to a year allowing it to ‘season’ and dry out ready for burning.

It is processed through our 20-tonne hydraulic log splitter or tractor-driven firewood processor, but importantly it is free from any unhealthy chemical treatments that might cause it to burn with dangerous fumes.

We can supply loose loads of firewood from 1-6 cubic metres, as well as builder’s bags and barrow bags, and we have a choice of softwood or hardwood available – we can even split larger loads between delivery addresses, so you can share the cost with neighbours or family and friends.

For larger ongoing commercial orders, please contact us in advance to let us know how much firewood you are likely to need – this gives us the opportunity to source and store the quantities you need while allowing for the seasoning period of 9-12 months.

Business and domestic customers alike can benefit from using our high quality firewood supplies for patio burners and chimineas, log stoves and fire pits, all while ‘closing the circle’ by making environmentally responsible use of the timber we have felled in our forestry and pruning services.