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Move Quickly on Snow Clearing

Manchester made BBC Breaking News headlines this week with the temporary suspension of flights from Manchester Airport amid a flurry of wintry weather – signalling that the city and its surroundings are finally in need of snow clearing services.

We have been watching the forecasts carefully since before Christmas, but until now the north-west has mostly skirted the heaviest snowfalls, many of which did not make it much further south than the Scottish border.

But now, some parts of the Greater Manchester region have seen substantial snowfall, and almost everyone has had enough flakes for a light covering, bringing with it a whole range of problems that can be resolved with snow clearing services if you act quickly.

For example, it is not just about grip on the roads and underfoot on pavements; a covering of snow can also disguise road markings and other painted lines, such as pedestrian segregation in car parks and in yards with vehicular access.

Even if you do not expect the snow to remain for long, it makes good sense to clear it away quickly – otherwise you run the risk of it melting in place, and the resultant muddy slush can be even less pleasant than a slippery surface.