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School Grounds Maintenance can Help Create Learning Opportunities

It is often preferable to carry out school grounds maintenance during the holidays, to prevent disruption to the school’s use of playing fields for instance, or to reduce any possible safety risks to passers-by.

But there are good reasons to carry out school grounds maintenance during term time too, and these can in some cases create entirely new learning experiences for pupils – from a safe distance, of course.

Manchester City Council, for instance, offers school visits to Heaton Park, where in the springtime pupils can see new life blossoming on the trees, and in winter they can observe conservation activities.

And the same is true of the trees you have on your own premises, which offer an ever-changing backdrop to your school’s day-to-day activities.

Why not take your class out into the sunshine one day soon and see what you can learn from the trees around you – the colour and shape of their leaves, the blossom and fruit that might be visible, and so on.

And for a truly hands-on experience, let the children watch (safely) the next time maintenance work is carried out, and they can witness the excitement of a heavy tree limb being expertly separated from its trunk.