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Stay Ahead of the Curve on Snow Clearing

We have looked at winter preparedness several times in recent weeks, and now the time for snow clearing could be very close indeed, making it essential to know how to respond if you find your grounds covered with several inches when access is required.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of heavy snowfall for the coming days and, although it is restricted to Scottish regions, parts of northern England could also see some wintry showers over the next week or so.

It is notoriously difficult to predict when rain will turn to sleet, or sleet to snow – but that makes it even more important to have a snow clearing plan in place, rather than be caught off guard.

For the Manchester region, the forecast is mixed, and if snow comes it is likely to be relatively unexpected; at higher altitudes some snowfall is likely, and lower down it is a distinct possibility too.

The Met Office forecast for December 9th-18th reads: “Showers will be most frequent and heaviest in the north and west with snow over the hills, and perhaps wintry to lower levels at times.”

If the conditions expected in Scotland should push further south, north-west England could see more substantial snowfall – and in either case, it is sensible to take precautions to incorporate snow clearing into your regular grounds maintenance if it becomes necessary to do so.