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A Summer Of Forestry, Hedge Trimming and Snow Clearing?

The start of June marks the official beginning of meteorological summertime, and the Met Office’s seasonal trivia reveals why hedge trimming and forestry will be keeping tree surgeons busy – and why snow clearing isn’t actually out of the question either.

Forestry is likely to be the main occupation for tree surgeons this month and beyond, as the warmer temperatures of summer mean more energy in the atmosphere – which can have dramatic consequences.

More stormy weather is likely, and recent days have seen weather warnings issued already for both wind and rain, making careful tree surgery an important preventative measure if any loose limbs are at risk of blowing off.

Of course, it’s also the season for hedge trimming, and while this is typically more about aesthetic effect than safety, it’s still important to get it done while the weather is right, so that the hedge itself does not suffer any ill effects.

And finally, snow clearing in June? It’s unlikely but not impossible – The Met Office says that on June 2nd 1975, cricket matches up and down the country were cancelled due to snow showers.