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Sunnybank on hand for lime tree felling in Urmston

When a long-standing customer called Sunnybank Forestry to enquire about lime tree felling in Urmston, we were quick to get on the case, and were able to safely bring down the tree without putting pedestrians at any unnecessary risk on the nearby road.

It’s always a challenge working in a residential area, particularly when the tree that needs to be felled is positioned close to the edge of the owner’s property – and therefore close to nearby neighbours, pavements or public roads.

On arrival for this lime tree felling in Urmston, we found that the branches of the tree were almost guaranteed to land at least in part on a public pavement.

The priority in such situations is to make sure the area is safe, and we achieved this quite simply, by parking our two vans either side of the affected area, and coning off the space in between.

As a result, we had a safe area to work in, and pedestrians still had the opposite pavement to use – and with children passing the site, our decision to close off the pavement proved to be a good one.

Soon enough the lime tree was felled and chipped for easy transport away in our van, and the road was clear and back to normal, leaving nothing but a new gap on the horizon and a very happy long-standing customer to show that we had ever been there.