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The Different Types of Tree Surgery Services

Sunnybank Forestry specialises in a wide range of tree surgery services, including tree pruning, tree removal, hedge reductions and dangerous tree removal for both domestic and commercial clients through Manchester and Cheshire.
Domestic work:-

  1. Tree pruning – this can be a very dangerous operation which requires the skills of a qualified and experienced tree surgeon. As a professional tree surgery company, Sunnybank Forestry can advise you on the correct course of action needed to improve the health, safety and aesthetics of your trees.
  2. Tree removal – unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to remove a tree either because they are causing considerable damage to buildings and their foundations or they are dead or diseased. Dismantling and removing a tree, particularly in confined space, in a safe and controlled manner should always be undertaken by a qualified tree surgeon.
  3. Hedge reduction – many people mistakenly think pruning a hedge is an easy task. However, if your hedge is becoming unruly using our professional services will help to keep your hedge healthy and in good shape.
  4. Dangerous tree removal – occasionally a tree can fall over without warning due to severe weather conditions leaving you with a tree in a precarious or even dangerous position, threatening damage to property or endangering the public. Sunnybank Forestry will visit the site as soon as possible to remove your dangerous tree.

Commercial work:-

  1. Tree surgery -The Sunnybank team is qualified and experienced to carry out any aspect of Commercial Tree Surgery throughout the North West and beyond. Our clients include the NHS, National Trust, civil engineering contractors and construction companies.
  2. Tree removal -We are able to offer timber removal from the roadside, construction site and woodland. Timber can either be transported to a site of the client’s choice or we will dispose of it in line with our sustainability policy.

Sunnybank Forestry is a highly accredited and well-respected company which has built up a reputation as the company who deliver results on time and safely.
If you have any questions or would like to enquire about our services, get in touch with our highly trained and experienced team at Sunnybank Forestry.