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Tips for snow clearing near trees

It might seem a little early to be thinking about snow clearing, but it’s hard to predict when the first really cold weather will set in, and what conditions it might bring with it.

When snow hits, it’s best to be well prepared in advance – but what happens when you have trees in the area you want to clear?

They can get in the way of mechanical snow clearing, as you may find there is not enough room for a snow plough to easily pass the trees.

However, you should be wary of using chemical methods of snow clearing, such as salt, as these can have adverse effects on the soil in which your trees are planted.

A guide from the Trees & Design Action Group looks specifically at trees in ‘hard landscapes’, such as those planted in city pavements.

It warns that salt used to melt snow can cause several problems for trees – for example, increased salt levels in the soil can affect osmosis, meaning trees have to expend more energy to pick up water through their roots.

Above ground, salty meltwater can be splashed on to their trunks and leaves, again causing problems.

If you are uncertain about the best method of snow clearing for your property this winter, we can help – so when the weather closes in, be ready to give us a call.