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To Prune Or Not To Prune, That Is The Question!

You either love it, or you loath it. For some it is a regular bit of pampering for others an annual trauma but we all have to visit the hairdressers at some point during the year. Plants are no different. As part of caring for any shrub or tree, pruning is vital for a huge amount of reasons. Here are some handy hints to keep your unruly bush in shape.

Remove Watersprouts and suckers – these can be produced if the plant has been damaged or improperly pruned. Remove these to re-establish a better branch structure.

Remove damaged branches – this can happen for a multitude of reasons but once damaged it is vital the area is dealt with to stop hazards, unsightly aesthetics or disease developing.

Open up and rejuvenate older plants – Internal growth in older shrubs creates bad air flow around the plant, reduced light and often harbours unwanted pests. Carful pruning is crucial to keep your trees feeling young!

Remove potential hazards – If you own the tree, it is the your legal obligation to remove potential hazards that could cause harm.

Control size and growth direction – expert heading and thinning will control your plant size and growth direction. Keep your shrubs in the straight and narrow at all times.

Remove co-dominant leaders and weakly attached branches – Who would have thought plants were political! In the plant world we like dictators not democracies. Prune co-dominant leaders and weak branches when young to prevent damage in the future.

Stop circling roots – when roots circle they can choke plants or fail to anchor them well. Make sure circling roots are removed prior to planting to give your young plants the best chance of blooming.