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Tree Felling Can Help Protect Nestlings in Cheshire

Tree felling services are needed for lots of different reasons: for safety in public areas; to protect private forests and prevent the spread of tree diseases; or simply to remove a tree that is obstructing a picturesque view.

But in a county that contains both urban and rural areas, it’s also important to think about the wildlife that uses trees as its home – and paradoxically, why tree felling might be beneficial to the area’s bird species.

That is because when birds nest in urban locations, the environmental noise from human activity can drown out the cheeping of the baby, leaving it unable to communicate with its parents when they are out of the nest.

As a result, they may not know when the baby is hungry, or may be unable to warn it when a predator is near, according to research from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Researcher Andy Horn said: “We usually associate declines in animal populations with our physical destruction of habitat, but the noise we make is another threat that we can’t ignore.

Indeed, it may be that felling trees in noisy urban areas is beneficial, as birds will move to nest in trees in quieter rural locations.

And in those quieter parts of the county, ongoing forestry work can keep the trees there in good healthy condition, providing safe nesting sites for many years to come.