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Tree felling forms part of flood protection in Bath

Tree felling is part of planned improvements to Bath’s flood defences, as part of a £5 million project that promises to “reconnect” the River Avon with the heart of the community.

Clearly nobody would want to reconnect to a knee-deep extent, and as such some carefully planned preparations are being undertaken.

Among the work is the widening of the lower tow path level up to 15m between Churchill Bridge and Green Park, so that floodwater can move more quickly through the area.

On the southern verge of Green Park Road, mature tree felling is planned, with new planting to replace the poplars that are felled.

The local council explains that it does not take mature tree removal lightly, but that the poplars were planted in the 1970s and are close to the end of their natural life.

Following the tree removal, new mature trees and landscaping are scheduled to be put in place “which will ultimately offer higher ecological and amenity value”.

The work is due to begin in 2015, and there are currently no plans to alter Green Park itself, except for the landscaping work around the edge of the river.