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Tree Removal Helps Sale Resident Get Back to Normal

When we talk about tree removal, we are usually referring to the location of the tree, rather than its species.

But one Sale resident was left in need of tree removal in every sense of the word, after a massive Manchester black poplar fell on to her entire garden.

The Messenger reports Louise Goss arrived home from work on June 22nd to find her whole garden had been crushed by a rotten Manchester black poplar that had fallen over from the adjacent riverbank.

The Manchester poplar is unusual in that it usually grows in a leaning position, and is often found close to a plentiful water supply like a river.

But for Ms Goss this proved to be part of the problem – Rob Reid from Trafford Council’s tree unit told the Messenger: “It’s in a no-man’s land between the [nearby] brook, owned by the Environment Agency, and woodland owned by the council.

“Technically speaking, it’s on land that doesn’t belong to Trafford Council, but we can’t just leave it.”

Eventually, tree surgeons were drafted in to safely demolish and remove the tree, leaving Ms Goss – with the help of an insurance claim – to start rebuilding her beloved garden.