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Tree Surgeons Can Carry Out Safe Forestry Work

Our tree surgeons are experienced professionals – and that not only means carrying out forestry work quickly with minimal disruption, but also doing so safely.

In recent weeks we have shown you some of our client work, including clearing a poplar tree that was dangerously overhanging a road in Urmston.

We had to close the road junction while the work was carried out, and used a cherry picker fitted with outrigger pads to reach high enough without it being at risk of falling over.

Now a HSE report has highlighted the importance of such precautions, reporting on an incident in which a tree surgeon (not one of ours!) fell 18 metres after cutting through the branch his harness was connected to, rather than working from an external platform.

HSE inspector Paul Newton said: “Work at height must be appropriately planned and the right equipment provided for the work.

“The work must be undertaken by competent people who can stop the work and re-assess the plan so the work can be undertaken safely.”

Our tree surgeons are always extremely careful to carry out work safely, and will always take the necessary steps – even if it means arranging a temporary road closure.

After all, the precaution of closing a road junction for a few hours is well worth it, compared with having the entire road blocked by emergency services vehicles if an accident occurs.