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How Tree Surgeons can Help Protect School Crossings

In the current period of austerity, councils are being asked to make extensive savings – and Manchester is no different.

During a meeting on December 16th, Manchester City Council’s Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee discussed the possible ways to save a quarter of a million pounds on school crossing patrols.

The widespread cutbacks would see 40 crossing patrols closed down – but to do so would first require a risk assessment to be carried out.

And that is where tree surgeons may be called in, as one of the factors considered is whether or not the view along the street is hampered by a bend in the road or by the presence of trees.

Other concerns include the traffic levels in both directions, any recent road accidents involving young people, and how many children use the crossing – including how many are not accompanied by an adult.

Ultimately though, councils are not required to provide a crossing patrol service by law, and parents remain legally responsible for their child all the way to the school gates.

Whatever the council decides, tree surgeons will be on hand to clear any obstructive growth, so children and their parents alike will have the best view down the road before beginning to cross.