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Tree Surgeons can Help with Storm Damage

After parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire were hit by arguably the storm of the century so far, tree surgeons will be on hand to help tackle any fallen trees or limbs, or to assess damage to any trees that are still standing but are in need of attention.

The heat wave reached a dramatic crescendo, with many parts of Manchester and its surrounding areas witnessing rainfall of near-biblical proportions, along with up to half an hour of almost constant sheet and fork lightning, accompanied by crashing thunder.

In the wake of the storm, temperatures have so far hardly fallen by any significant amount, meaning there is likely to still be a lot of energy in the atmosphere over the coming days and throughout the weekend.

Where trees were damaged – whether by lightning strike, or due to the pummelling of the intense rain and wind – tree surgeons can come and take a look, and advise if any limbs should be removed, or even if the whole tree needs felling.

Don’t put off having yours checked – if the heat and humidity remain for any length of time, further storms may be likely in the days to come.