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Tree Surgeons Can Help Winter Road Preparations

Tree surgeons can help in a number of important ways to ensure that vehicles driving on or alongside your land are kept safe in the worst of this winter’s weather.

The government has just issued its latest advice for the coming winter, and says: “The United Kingdom has one of the most capable forecasting and warning systems in the world but extreme weather events can still cause disruption over winter.”

For motorists, fallen trees are clearly a risk, and tree surgeons can remove any broken or rotting branches, or remove entire trees if they are dead and at risk of falling in the wind.

In contrast though, effective forestry can go beyond just removing trees – and the Met Office warns that gaps in a line of roadside trees can allow strong winds to pass through, blowing even low-sided vehicles off course.

Prompt forestry work and effective grounds maintenance are therefore particularly important, as prolonging the healthy lifespan of a tree can be preferable to simply removing it completely.

And as the winter progresses, tree surgeons’ expertise in general grounds maintenance means they will also be able to help in other areas, such as by providing snow clearing services if they are needed.