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Tree Surgeons Contribute to Manchester Clean City Campaign

Tree surgeons have made a valuable contribution to the Clean City campaign, an innovative effort by Manchester City Council to keep local roads and parks looking at their best.

Nearly 30 different initiatives have been undertaken so far, with budgets reaching into the several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Among the most expensive is the effort to remove Japanese knotweed from across the city, which has so far cost £685,000.

In comparison, tree surgeons have come in at a snip of that price, just £22,000 for the work carried out so far on the Tree Crowning project.

“There are significant numbers of trees on our streets, grassed areas and also within parks that require the removal of low tree limbs,” Manchester City Council explains.

This is “so the unsightly areas of uncut grass can be mown close to the base of the trees, allowing them to be maintained to a higher standard”.

It’s an initiative that started in February 2014 and, for a relatively low cost compared to other Clean City ideas, is already reaping rewards throughout the Manchester area in both urban areas and city parks.