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Tree Surgeons Get Outdoor Christmas Trees Ready

Like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching, and our Manchester tree surgeons are on call for anyone who needs to get an unruly tree back under control to decorate for Christmas.

Outdoor trees are popular in many of Manchester’s public spaces, as well as surrounding locations from Stockport in the south to Wigan and Bolton in the north.

But it is important to make sure they are in good condition – especially if you are going to hang electrical cables from them, or garlands of lights and decorations that add to their own natural weight.

Our tree surgeons are able to check the condition of your tree, and advise on which branches, if any, should be cut back due to ill health.

It might be that minimal pruning is enough to ensure your tree can take the weight of any decorations, as well as withstanding the stronger winds of the autumn and winter months.

Alternatively, clearing out some old growth could help to create more space between healthy branches, allowing decorative lights to be seen from closer to the heart of the tree.