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Tree Surgeons Help Keep the Lights On

Keeping the mains electricity supply flowing safely to homes across the north-west is no mean feat, and tree surgeons have a part to play in achieving just that.

Local utilities provider Electricity North West is celebrating its fifth anniversary of operation, and in an interview with Manchester Evening News, chief executive Steve Johnson explained that tree surgeons are one component in keeping the lights on.

He said: “When I joined Electricity North West we had just 100 employees … Now we have more than 1,600 employees – from overhead linespeople, to tree cutters, to call centre advisors, and we have created a leading company not only in the north-west, but within the electricity industry.”

Over the years, the company has managed to reduce the number of power cuts by a third, and has doubled the number of people whose supply is switched back on within five minutes.

Tree surgeons appreciate the importance of keeping trees and bushes away from power lines and other utilities – and with our expertise, we can safely carry out the work needed to clear any branches that are growing too close for comfort.