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Tree Surgeons May have Final say on Golden Lion Site

The long-demolished Golden Lion on Wilmslow Road in Withington may become a temporary car park for the Christie Hospital – and tree surgeons may determine the fate of the existing mature trees on the site.

It is several years since the Golden Lion was knocked down, but little has been done behind the hoardings that surround the site.

Now Manchester City Council has published a report from its Planning and Highways Committee, which met on December 11th to consider an application to use the land as a five-year temporary car park for The Christie.

This is to compensate for current car parking spaces that will be lost elsewhere during the ongoing construction work at the hospital.

But the mature trees that stood around the Golden Lion have raised questions from local residents, particularly about whether or not they will be retained.

Under the Christie’s Strategic Planning Framework, the Golden Lion site in particular is discussed: “The existing mature trees on the edges of the site should be retained, unless they are shown to be in poor condition.”

This suggests that, if the planning application goes ahead, it will be down to tree surgeons to determine the condition of the trees – and whether they need to be felled.