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Tree Surgeons may Have Saved Chorlton Couple's Distress

Tree surgeons are always available to inspect ageing trees, and to safely fell any that are in danger of simply blowing over in the next strong wind.

And that’s just what happened to one couple in Chorlton, when a 14-metre sycamore fell on Derwent Avenue, coming to rest leaning against their front door.

The pair – Muna Jaffrey, aged 59, and her 70-year-old husband Raschid, were trapped for two hours as a result, and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Muna told the MEN: “I was just sitting here talking to my daughter and all of a sudden this tree fell in. There was this big massive noise. I thought my whole front of the house fell in.

“I started screaming and my daughter started screaming. I was so shocked. I was in tears.”

There were even more tears when the couple were finally freed, only to discover damage to their porch, and that their Fiat Punto had been crushed by the tree.

With the help of tree surgeons, residents of Chorlton and beyond can escape similar stress in the future, by taking pre-emptive measures against any trees that are past their best.