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Tree Surgeons Prepare for Manchester's Unsettled Weekend

Strong winds – especially gusty ones – always catch people off guard, but with the help of our tree surgeons, households can be prepared for the coming days and weeks.

It’s a particularly risky time, as the Met Office have announced April was the sunniest on record, breaking the previous record set in 1942.

May has already been fairly unsettled, with strong winds on Tuesday of this week, and that pattern is set to continue – so it’s important not to be complacent after the sunny days of April.

The forecast for this weekend is for unsettled conditions on Saturday, and wet and windy weather in the north-west on Sunday.

Looking further ahead, the Met Office is forecasting windy conditions in the north early next week, with a risk of strong winds continuing through to May 21st and beyond.

With the help of our tree surgeons Manchester residents and businesses can take pre-emptive action against any weak or dead trees that need removing.

Alternatively, if it’s just a case of a dead branch on an otherwise healthy tree, we can also remove those, reducing the risk of it blowing off in the wind and landing on a nearby building – or worse, on a person.