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Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance Through The Seasons

At Sunnybank Forestry we’re proud of our long-term relationships with many of our clients, but we also understand why you might think tree pruning and hedge trimming are very seasonal – and this wouldn’t be completely incorrect.

But we provide services all year round, and while the specific tasks we carry out might vary – from tree surgery to remove damaged limbs after winter storms, to pruning back excess summer growth on trees and hedges alike – we are dedicated to giving our customers what you need throughout the calendar year.

The winter months are always less predictable, and in harsh winters we’re on hand to provide gritting and snow clearing services alongside our usual forestry services – which includes safely clearing away any trees or large limbs felled by the high winds.

During milder winters and into the early spring before new growth starts, we can work to remove damaged branches and to carry out more extensive pruning work on trees during their dormant phase, and on hedges while they are slower-growing too.

As the spring progresses, and into the summer months, we can continue to provide scheduled pruning and one-off tree surgery as required, and it is important to keep up with both of these tasks on a regular basis, so that any weak growth is removed before it can damage the rest of the plant.

The timing of hedge trimming and other regular maintenance can be significant too, as cutting the hedge back in full growth can affect the rate of regrowth differently to carrying out the same pruning or shaping work in the winter when it is growing more slowly or not at all.

Late spring sees the start of our contracted work with the grass cutting season and the maintenance on all our schools and sports pitches begins. Easter is always a busy time with line marking and the transition from football markings to athletic markings and then of course the continual over marking until the summer holidays gives us a rest bite from this. Into May we see an influx of tree pruning requirements as the shade becomes more apparent as trees come into leaf

Late summer sees another rise in school grounds maintenance work again, as we hurry to get through all of the tasks required before the new academic year begins in September – and then its leaf clearing which is a huge task with more than a dozen schools

Finally, as the new winter sets in, it’s time to carry out those last scheduled maintenance tasks, along with tree inspection works for both domestic and commercial customers which sees us dead wooding, removing dangerous and obstructive limbs from trees which may not survive the heavier weather.

This is just a snapshot of a year in the life of Sunnybank – and we will always respond to individual requests as and when they are needed too, to help you recover from unseasonal damage and prepare for the months ahead.