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Westway Nissan Commercial Site Clearance

Tree Removal Manchester

We we’re contacted by this branch of Nissan, in Manchester, and asked to quote for some commercial site clearance in order to tidy the dealership up and make more space for customer parking.

There had been a particular issue, where in bad weather, the notoriously flexible and heavy Willow Trees had been either flexing to the point they hit customers parked vehicles or actually snapping and landing on the vehicles. As we’re experts in handling fallen trees, we knew exactly what was required.

The decision was taken to clear the whole site of bushes and trees so that more daylight would be allowed in, to show the dealership in a cleaner light, as well as protect their customers cars from any potential damage.

 We knew this was going to be a labour intensive job, so we used 4 men and managed to get finished in just one day, with the help of our newly purchased tools and machines.

It can often be overlooked just how much waste material is left over from a job like this. We removed just over six tons of wood chip and four tons of timber.

Once the site is clear the job is classed as complete for our client, but for us we must return to base and safely store or recycle the left over timber and wood chip. All materials removed from each Sunnybank job are done so in an ethical manor.

If you’re looking to tidy up your commercial trading space or have any problem trees you need help with then why not give us a call for a free quote

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