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What is Tree Dressing Day?

Tree dressing is based on many old customs from all over the world.

In the UK, Tree Dressing Day falls on the first weekend of December. It was initiated by Common Ground in 1990, when they decorated 150 London Plane trees in the Covent Garden area, to show that every tree counts! Since then, in December, groups and individuals all over the country have dressed trees.

The aim of this day is to draw attention to the trees that we take for granted and encourage everyone to take more care of the trees that surround us. It is a way to express our love for trees and acknowledge the important role they play in our lives.

Trees have long been celebrated for their spiritual significance.  The custom of tying strips of cloth or yarn to a tree has gone on for many centuries and is practised by many cultures across the world, including the Celts, Buddhists and Hindus. In Japan they write poems on the strips of paper before decorating the trees and across Europe and North America brightly coloured yarns are tied to trees to transform the landscape.

Tree dressing, with its deep and diverse cultural associations, provides an opportunity to bring multicultural communities together to celebrate the beauty of trees. So join in the fun and organise a Tree Dressing Day in your local community. The day could include storytelling, dance, music, hanging ribbons, shapes, shining lights anything that will highlight the importance of tree and encourage people to take more care of them.

If you have a tree that has overgrown, take care not to cause harm and irreversible damage to it by pruning the tree yourself, instead get professional help and advice.

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