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Why Softwood Makes sense for Firewood Supplies

As the winter months pass, firewood supplies inevitably come under pressure – especially if we see another season of heavy snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures.

If you’re looking not only for reliable firewood supplies, but also for the best value for money, it’s worth giving fresh thought to softwood.

Many people think hardwood is the only good option to burn, due to its higher energy density, but softwood can be a perfectly good fuel too.

It burns faster, meaning your fireplace or stove will need to be topped up more often, but due to its greater availability and lower price, this can still work out to be more economical.

Also, this means it’s easier to avoid wasting wood by having an over-stocked fireplace at the end of the day; any excess softwood will burn away faster than its hardwood equivalent, and by simply not adding more wood to the fire, you have more control over when it goes out.

Our firewood supplies are seasoned naturally in our wood stores for up to 12 months and can be delivered by the bag, by pickup, or by a truck or trailer load – just let us know what you need.