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Why You Should Prep Your Sports Field for the New Season Now

With the summer holiday’s underway, there is no better time than the present to prepare the school’s sports field for the season coming up.

If not kept under top maintenance, the sports field will look neglected and not be enjoyable to play on once pupils return to school. One of the many reasons why your sports pitch should be kept at its best.

For schools and colleges, you want to encourage students to stay fit and healthy, but also prevent injury. If there are dints, holes or the surface is uneven, it becomes more likely for a twisted ankle, or worse to occur.

Football is the UK’s number one sport, so unsurprisingly, football clubs want to ensure their pitch is kept at its optimum level. With all age ranges able to take part in this sport, the pitch can become worn, muddy and unplayable if the surface isn’t up to scratch.

If the playing field is not in a good condition, whether the grass is too long to play on or bare earth patches have taken over the field, having all these problems solved will not only make the field look visually appealing, but it will also encourage people to play.

Another area which may escape your mind is ensuring the playing field has freshly painted pitch markings and running tracks. Having these freshly painted will also increase the visual appearance while encouraging potential students to join your club/ school.

On larger premises, you need to ensure your sports field is kept up to scratch, but also the footpath and hedges are well kept. When they become overgrown, they begin encroaching onto pavements, which not only makes it harder to walk across but can also turn the pavements slippery.


At Sunnybank Forestry, we are used to cutting and dealing with thick, unruly grass and have the right equipment to tackle this challenge. Learn more about our school and sports field maintenance service or get in touch for a free quote today.