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World Architecture Day 2017

World Architecture Day 2017

Do you think treehouses are just for children?

Well, you would be wrong. Tree houses of all shapes and sizes are becoming very popular all over the world.

In some parts of the world treehouses are part of everyday life, as people live permanently in treehouses to protect themselves and their belonging from animals and flooding, but in other parts of the world many children grow up with a dream of a secret hideaway in the trees.

Luckily, there are architects and designers now creating fantastic treehouses, using timber and other materials to build restaurants and hotels which enable adults to relax and realize their childhood dreams in a unique way.

The latest trend on the housing market is for the ever fashionable home to have its own treehouse and not just for the kids.Despite the weather in the UK, the garden is now considered another ‘room’ to the house and the designs have become more and more stylish. The addition of a treehouse to your garden will make you the envy of your neighbours.

The design and size of your treehouse depends on the size of your garden and the availability of strong healthy tree with sturdy branches. Of course before you get too carried away with creative ideas for your treehouse it is a good idea to get some advice from a professional in treehouse designer and to check with your local council that the tree does not have a preservation order on it.

Once you have got the go ahead to use the tree and you know your design is feasible what could be more exciting than to build your very own unique treehouse. It could be your child’s secret hideaway, a man cave for you to escape to, a place of quiet and tranquillity to read a book or a place where anyone can enjoy the outdoors.

If you want advice before embarking on building your treehouse get in touch with Sunnybank Forestry to arrange a site visit.

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